Tui Shou

Tui Shou, also known as “push hands” or “pushing hands”, is a practice method of traditional internal Chinese martial arts. It is often associated with the martial art Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan).

Tui Shou is used to teach students the principles of leverage, reflex, sensitivity, timing, coordination and positioning. This practice is designed to improve a practitioner’s fighting technique, but it’s also seen as an important method to developing internal energy (Qi) and cultivating calmness and relaxation.

In a typical session of Tui Shou, two practitioners face each other and make contact through their arms, maintaining this contact throughout the exercise. They then take turns attacking and defending, trying to unbalance or move the other person without breaking contact or using undue force. The goal is not just to push the other person, but to sense their energy and intention, respond accordingly, and manipulate these in one’s favor.

Tui Shou can be practiced both as a competitive sport and a component of traditional training for martial application. It is often a subject of competition in Tai Chi events, where competitors aim to use their skill at Tui Shou to unbalance their opponent or demonstrate superior control and technique.

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