Swimming Dragon

Swimming Dragon Qigong is a graceful and powerful form of Qigong that is designed to promote health and wellbeing. The “Swimming Dragon” name comes from the flowing, undulating movements of the form that resemble a mythical Chinese dragon swimming through the air or water.

In terms of its health benefits, Swimming Dragon Qigong is believed to stimulate the flow of Qi (energy) and blood throughout the body, improve flexibility and balance, strengthen the spine and core muscles, and help calm the mind.

The form involves a series of movements where the body twists and turns in a wave-like fashion, similar to the movements of a dragon. The arms, legs, and head all move in harmony with this wave motion, and the breathing is coordinated with the movements. The form can be done standing, sitting, or walking, and is often repeated a certain number of times (for example, nine times to the left, then nine times to the right).

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