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to learn QiGong or Taichi based on mirrored videos

Everyone who begins practicing Qigong or Tai Chi soon encounters a problem: unlike exercises such as aerobics, it really matters whether you start a movement with your right hand, turn to the left, and so on. When you follow your instructor or a video on YouTube, it can be very challenging because the instructor is facing you, and from your perspective, their movements are mirrored. Their right hand corresponds to your left hand, a bow to the right appears as a bow to the left from your point of view, and so on.

For this reason, this website was created, and all videos can be easily mirrored by pressing a button “Mirror”

There is also a second button “Resize” that expands the video to the maximum available space in the browser. Please note, this is not the same as full-screen mode using the YouTube button. When using that button, all control is transferred directly to the YouTube server, and the video can no longer be mirrored. Unfortunately, YouTube still does not support this feature. That’s why the native YouTube full-screen button is suppressed in the videos.

If you want to achieve the same effect, activate full-screen mode in your browser. (F11 for Windows / Fn+F for Mac)

For those who have never encountered Qigong(Chi-kung) or Tai-chi can be inspired by the following video:

Have a fun!

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